Millennials Prefer an Office Lifestyle

A survey into the preferences of workers under the age of 35 has revealed that the office has become the preferred place of work over remote working for Millennials.

The new study was carried out by managed communications services provider Maintel, who surveyed 1,000 employed adults (aged 18 and over) on their workplace preferences in the early stages of 2017. Results from the study revealed that 48% of those asked who were under the age of 35 felt that they are at their most productive when in an office environment. But what factors could attempt to determine the reasoning behind this new statistic?

Seeking Mentorship and Support

With the growing trend of workers entering into the world of work from a much earlier age than previous years, a strong support network and the experience of co-workers to learn from could be one reason as to why Millennials are embracing office environments. This can perhaps be evidenced from the survey revealing that up to 28% of those surveyed (across all age groups) found that contacting colleagues or direct managers proved to be much more difficult when working remotely. The main benefit of an office environment is having knowledgeable people within close proximity at any given time, which could prove to be one of the stronger appeals for Millennials who hope to build up their experience and climb the career ladder.

Socialising In a New Environment

Whilst a thirst for experience may be fuelling an attraction to the office for Millennials, there may also be social aspects that may draw them to an office based career. Millennials working within an office space are perhaps more likely to create new friendshipspartnerships and levels of respectamongst their colleagues compared to the solitary nature of working from home. Conversely, workers of a younger age might wish to prove themselves to their employer through being able to show they are contributing to the company mission and that their effort input is valuable to the business. Office based environments can provide positive effects related to a person’s confidence, communication skills and overall personal development.

With these findings providing some interesting reading, businesses and employers may further try to encourage the Millennial generation into applying for office based roles and inspire those who are already working within one proving that perhaps for some, working from home has its limits.