BNC F6048 Premium Ergonomic Adjustable Angle Foot Rest – 45.6cmX34cmX11cm


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  • Footrest for placement under a desk offers enhanced comfort when sitting 
  • Elevates feet and legs, promoting better alignment, posture, and ergonomics
  • Free-floating platform tilts back and forth for leg stretches and increased circulation
  • Textured surface creates a massaging effect on soles of bare or socked feet
  • Stays securely in place on carpet
  • It’s portable due to its lightweight
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Jeremy Martin

I like it so far. You can tilt it up and down. It has a soft resistance feel to it as you move the footrest platform with your feet. This is just what I need. I am not sure what more expensive footrests will offer so I plead ignorance on that. But for what I am looking for, this does the job.

In my search for a footrest, I had considered brands from various retailers. I leaned toward more expensive the better. Sure, there may be footrests that may have more features than this one but I wouldn’t know. I do know, this footrest is what I am looking for. All the better that it’s at a low price.

2 years ago
William Chung

I bought this because my old footrest is breaking down. I have had it for several days and I would say this is well-constructed footrest compare to other brands.

this footrest is made of metal material all around and feels very sturdy. I like how it has rubber dots in areas where I would put my foot. it prevents slipping and at the same time offers great comfort. the footrest is also easy to tilt back and forth, it has enough friction so that you don’t feel too loose but at the same time not too tight when you want to adjust the tilt angle!

if you want something that is made of quality material and sturdy and comfortable. I would definitely recommend this!

2 years ago

Review BNC F6048 Premium Ergonomic Adjustable Angle Foot Rest – 45.6cmX34cmX11cm

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